When Internet Filtering Does Not Work

For many addicts, the path to recovery is fraught with falls, set-backs, slip-ups, frustrations, anger, and depression.  For those who do not give up (NEVER GIVE UP!), the path to recovery is also loaded with progress — whether noticeable or unnoticeable, spiritual and emotional growth, spiritual and emotional transformation, improvement of interpersonal relationships, deisolation, positive reinforcement, development of new interests and positive habits, and loads of hope and love.  But those aforementioned falls and set-backs can temporarily steal away our hope.  And sometimes we are left wondering: what am I doing wrong?  This is especially true for those of us who use Internet filtering.  The truth is though: it is an excellent second or third line of defense, but not an effective first line of defense.  This insightful article, which refers to studies of the human brain and human behavior, addresses the need to rewire your own brain during recovery.  Because our mind should be our the second line of defense.  With the first being the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit.

The Best Way to Block Porn (It Isn’t What You Think)


For Parents Who Want to Mentor Their Kids on Use of Technology

There are many books and resources out there for parents who are justifiably concerned about their child’s exposure to harmful pornography through their casual use of technology.  This article (and the web site overall) is a great starting point.  It offers a highly creative, interactive (fun & playful) way in which to elicit information from your child regarding their use of technology and pressures from peers in their uses of technology.  Check it out: