Confessional Brochure

About the Brochure

Preview of the outside of the tri-fold brochure.
Preview of the outside of the tri-fold brochure.

The brochure is intended to be given by a priest to someone in the confessional, or for sharing with a friend or acquaintance, who might be struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors.  It is designed to help the recipient understand the possible nature of their behaviors, to inform them they are not alone, and to aid them with useful information and resources.  It is well-researched, footnoted, and concise.  It also includes a useful prayer on the back page, which is used in our chastity support group meetings.

We recommend to priests to share this information with anyone who might benefit from it, but also suggest to the recipient to fold it up and place it in a pocket or purse before leaving the confessional in order to protect their privacy.

We welcome any and all feedback on this brochure.  This is our second draft and we are open to any improvements that may be possible.

You may download a free, customizable, press-ready, digital copy of the brochure below.

Download our Free, Customizable Brochure

Preview of our press-ready digital file for our brochure's exterior.
Preview of our press-ready digital file for our brochure’s exterior.

Whether your church or group is promoting purity, temperance, chastity, abstinence, recovery from a sexual addiction, or simply wants to assist others, this print brochure may prove highly useful in getting the word out.  These files are a template, and can be modified to fit your church or group’s needs.

This brochure also provides links to invaluable resources and scientifically-supported information that will help the individual begin the processes of acknowledging their challenges and recovering on their own or with your group’s support.

To see a PDF of the actual brochure, click here.


The brochure is free to download, copy and distribute.  However, the two images in the brochure are copyrighted by the royalty-free photography web site:  Click through to ThinkStockPhotos to purchase a copyright license for the photos before publishing.

Customization and Printing

You will need basic computer and graphic design skills to modify and prepare the templates for printing.  We printed the document through  Their prices were unbeatable and the quality of the finished product was very good.  However, they do not provide ‘pre-press’ (graphic design) services, so you or someone you know will need to make sure the files are customized and ready for printing before sending them off to the printer.


By downloading the template on this web page you agree to hold harmless SDChastity, all its contributing members, their families, and all contributing organizations and their members should your brochure violate copyright or result in financial injury.

File Specifications

There are two template files: one for the outside of the brochure, and the second for the inside. Each file is in XCF format, which is viewable and editable in the free, opensource image editor GIMP. The two XCF files are compressed into a single ZIP file, which you may download by clicking the link below: