Q.  Can unhealthy sexual behaviors really become an addiction?

Yes. “[S]urveys suggest that approximately 5% of the general population may meet criteria for a compulsive sexual disorder…these rates represent a significant percentage of the general population and would be higher than the rates for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and pathological gambling.”1

Q.  Is pornography use a growing problem?

Yes.  It is a full-blown epidemic that is infecting households throughout the United States.  Men in the U.S. view pornography at least once per month:

  • 18-30-y.o., 79%
  • 31-49-y.o., 67%
  • 50-68-y.o., 49%

Women in the U.S. view pornography at least once per month:

  • 18-30-y.o., 76%
  • 31-49-y.o., 16%
  • 50-68-y.o., 4%3

Q.  What are the signs and symptoms of addiction?

Unwanted sexual behavioral addiction is likely when there is:

  • Increasing frequency, intensity, or variety of the behavior to achieve desired feelings.
  • Constant need to engage in it.
  • One or more failed efforts to stop, reduce, or control the behavior.
  • Neglecting other obligations in order
    to engage in the behavior.
  • Isolating to keep the behavior secret.
  • Continuing to engage in the behavior despite negative consequences.2

Q.  Is there a way out of sexual addiction?

Yes. Through a combination of the following, recovery is possible!  Many have succeeded in permanent recovery!

  • The healing mercy of God
  • Prayer
  • Eucharist
  • Reconciliation
  • Scripture
  • Education
  • Deisolation
  • Self-care
  • Peer Support
  • Group Therapy
  • Internet Filtering Software
  • Online Addiction Recovery Programs
  • Individual Therapy
  • Fasting
  • Hard work
  • Never giving up!

These are just some of the tools available!  Be sure to visit our resources page for a more comprehensive list.  There are many more positive, healthy, and supportive habits, tips, tricks, and therapies available for those who wish to overcome any kind of compulsive sexual behavior.  The members of our groups are full of great ideas and experiences which they are willing to share!

Q.  Do you provide any assistance for spouses or significant others of those who suffer from addiction?

Yes!  Many of the same resources that are available to those members of our group who are seeking purity and/or battling compulsive behaviors are also available to their spouses.  In addition we can offer unique perspectives and support for spouses.  Please contact us for more information.

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